MAScIR has 220 employees, including 200 researchers and engineers.
Women make up 45% of the total workforce and 63% are under 34.

The research projects are the fruit of interdisciplinary collaboration, proof that the value shared between MAScIR collaborators is team spirit.

40% of the foundation’s workforce represents student researchers who work in applied research and contribute to projects led by MAScIR on behalf of clients and partners. These students benefit from the supervision of MAScIR skills and the use of a state-of-the-art platform. At the end of their course, these students capitalize on a valuable know-how giving them the possibility of integrating companies, universities or continuing within MAScIR.


Internal promotion: Several employees were able to access research or engineering positions after training or acquiring new skills.

Atmosphere conducive to productivity: in addition to quality supervision, the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and a participative and empowering management method, MAScIR offers a pleasant and dynamic environment:


Continuous learning and development:

MAScIR staff have access to tailor-made coaching and continuous training and participate in national and international conferences to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge relating to the positions held.

An exchange program between employees is also set up to encourage the transfer of skills and create group dynamics.


Recruitment preparation

  • Expression of need by the department concerned.
  • Definition of expectations and key skills.
  • Preparation of the recruitment announcement by the HR department.

Prospecting and Sourcing

  • Internal prospecting: internal mobility or career development
  • External prospecting: from the database collected during forums, spontaneous applications. Insertion of advertisements on the website and various social and professional networks. Recruitment through a firm.

Study of applications and interviews

  • Study and sorting of applications according to needs and expectations.
  • Sending an email to the preselected candidates.
  • Telephone and physical interview with the various candidates.
  • Preparation of administrative documents (contract, agreement or other).
  • Signing of the contract and delivery of the job description to the employee.

Integration and tenure of new hires

  • Presentation of the foundation, activity of the centers, activities of the collaborators.
  • Awareness and training on quality and safety instructions.
  • Tailor-made technical and managerial training program.