MAScIR has a shared technological platform to meet the needs for analysis services from MAScIR’s internal research teams, manufacturers, and universities. This technological platform covers 1750 m². It regroups:

  • Laboratories equippedto meet the needs of research in the fields of plant and medical biotechnology;
  • Microelectronics laboratories with two clean rooms (Class 1000 and 10000) and a reliability laboratory that allow the design and manufacture of electronic devices;
  • Laboratories that house equipment such as NMR, SEM, X-rays, Chromatography, PVD, solar simulator necessary to conduct applied research in the field of Materials and Nanomaterials (…) and an Optics and Photonicslaboratory.

MAScIR’s technological platform is aimed at several sectors, in particular:

  • The phosphate industry;
  • The automobile;
  • Aeronautics;
  • Pharmaceutical industry ;
  • Building materials.
  • Molecular and elementary analysis;
  • Structural analysis and surface morphology;
  • Spectroscopy.
  • Magnetic caracterization
  • Nano-fabrication of thin layers;
  • Characterizations and analysis of surfaces;
  • Physico-chemical characterization of materials;
  • Industrial processes.