The MAScIR purchasing procedure aims to meet the needs of the internal customer by respecting deadlines with the best value for money;

It reaffirms the fundamental principles which govern the relations between MAScIR and its suppliers. These principles are:

  • Transparency of the procedure and decisions internally and with regard to suppliers;
  • Competition between suppliers;
  • Fair treatment with all suppliers.

The performance indicators monitored by the loan are as follows:

  • Quality / Quantity: Ensure the conformity of the object ordered in relation to the expressed need and its technical specification.
  • Deadlines: Ensure delivery of the good or service requested within the required deadlines in accordance with the deadline prescribed in the order.
  • Cost: Ensure responsible purchasing at the right price while ensuring cost optimization through competition between providers.

The process is broken down into three phases:

Upstream phase for contracting

Express the overall need by the applicant

Organize the purchase

Start consultation

Analyze and compare offers

Negotiate and assign to supplier


Downstream phase for the execution of the contract

Validate and place the order with the supplier

Receive delivery

Manage regulations

Manage disputes

Manage the contract

Post-audit and sampling phase

Audit the process by sample