The MAScIR Foundation was pleased to receive, on Thursday, October 15, 2020, in its research laboratories a delegation of high-ranking diplomats composed of Mrs. Sylvia LOPEZ-EKRA, UN Resident Coordinator in Morocco, Mrs. Leila Farah MOKADDEM , Representative of the African Development Bank in Morocco, Mrs. Hanan HANZAZ,  UNIDO Country Representative in Morocco, Mrs. Maryam BIGDELI , Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Morocco and Mrs. Anna BARONE, Representative of the European Investment Bank in Morocco

This visit follows the presentation by MAScIR, of its activities during the meeting of the Country Partners Group, held on October 7, 2020, to which the management of the Foundation was invited, on a proposal from Mrs. Leila Farah MOKADDEM,  Representative of the African Development Bank in Morocco.

After learning about the research conducted by the Foundation and exchanging views with the researchers, the members of the delegation expressed their desire to initiate a wider dialogue with MAScIR and to build an institutional and multi-faceted partnership with the aim of enhancing the Foundation’s expertise in supporting the private and productive sectors in Africa.

Discussions also covered the potential support that could be provided by the prestigious institutions represented in this delegation, both in terms of funding and support aimed at enhancing the visibility of the MAScIR Foundation at the regional level, especially in the fields of health and agriculture.

In addition, the delegation was especially interested in the startup company MOLDIAG, which emerged from the research work conducted by MAScIR and specializes in the development and production of molecular diagnostic kits, including the Covid19 diagnostic kit. Dr. BIGDELI, WHO representative, strongly recommended that MAScIR kits be prequalified by the WHO.

MAScIR is a research center under the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, with the status of a foundation, which aims to promote and develop research and development poles in Morocco that meet the country’s needs in advanced technologies, especially in the field of medical biology.

With its vocation and ambition to actively support innovation for the benefit of the national economic and industrial fabric and thus contribute to the energy, food and health security of Morocco,  the MAScIR Foundation has skilled human resources and equipment that are at the cutting-edge of technology, To date, MAScIR has been able to file nearly 180 patents with extensions at the African regional level, to produce some 650 scientific articles in internationally recognized journals and to carry out more than a hundred projects and achievements with national and foreign industrialists, thus demonstrating its maturity and its capacities in scientific and applied research.