Dr. Samira Fafi-Kremer

Professor Samira Fafi-Kremer, is the Director of Virology Institute at the Strasbourg University Hospitals and a group leader at the Inserm Unit 1109 labelled as “Laboratoire d’Excellence” LabEx TRANSPLANTEX. She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Grenoble in 2001. Following her internship in Medical Biology at University Hospitals of Grenoble, she obtained her PhD at the University of Grenoble in 2005. She subsequently joined the Virology Institute in Strasbourg to become Associate Professor in Virology in Strasbourg University. She obtained her Research Habilitation at Strasbourg University in 2009. As a full Professor of Medicine since 2013, she has teaching activities in medical and basic Virology at the Medical School of Strasbourg in France and at the Jiaotong Faculty of Medicine in Shanghai (China). In 2014, she created the “Medical and Translational Virology” research group which is part of the Inserm Unit 1109. Her research is focused on virus-host interaction with a special interest in the viral-mediated immune response. Over the past two years, she has made the original discovery of the key role of neutralizing antibodies in the protection of kidney transplant recipients from BK virus-associated nephropathy. Recently, she launched a major translational project on COVID-19 research in collaboration with national and international scientists and clinicians. Her scientific work is supported by grants from the ANR, PHRC and academic institutions (Strasbourg University Hospitals Strasbourg University, Inserm). Her scientific work has resulted in more than a hundred articles in high-level international scientific journals