Dr. Hicham Fenniri

Dr. Hicham Fenniri received all his postgraduate degrees from the university of Strasbourg, notably his M.Sc./Ph.D. degrees in supramolecular science and engineering under the supervision of Nobel Laureate Dr. Jean-Marie Lehn.  He then joined the Scripps Research Institute in California, USA, as a Scripps postdoctoral fellow in biomedical sciences before joining the Department of Chemistry at Purdue University as an assistant professor where he established the Purdue Laboratory for Chemical Nanotechnology (1999). In 2003 he joined the National Research Council and the University of Alberta (Canada) as founding member and director of the Supramolecular nanomaterials program, full professor at the Department of Chemistry, and adjunct full professor with the department of biomedical engineering with the faculty of medicine. Since 2013, Dr. Fenniri has been Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA.

Dr. Fenniri has achieved international recognition as a leader in the areas of supramolecular nanomaterials science and engineering, nanomedicine, theranostics, and opto-electronics.  His group works at the forefront of basic and applied nanosciences, in collaboration with various academic institutions, federal laboratories, and with the private sector. Dr. Fenniri’s contributions appeared in over 240 publications, 21 patents and patent applications, and over 500 contributed national and international conference papers. Dr. Fenniri has also presented his work in over 200 invited distinguished lectures, colloquia and seminars around the globe. He has been the recipient of several national and international awards and has been an invited distinguished professor at the University of Strasbourg, the Collège de France, the National University of Taiwan, the University of Colorado, and Regensburg University, Germany, among others.