Dr. Abdelali HAOUDI elected as a member of The Lancet Oncology: International Advisory Board

Our hearty congratulations to Dr. Abdelillah HAOUDI, Head, Strategy and Business Development, and Managing Director of the Biotechnology Park at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center; and member of our Scientific Advisory Board, for being elected as a member of The Lancet Oncology: International Advisory Board.
The Lancet Oncology was launched in September 2000, as a lively and informative monthly journal covering international issues relevant to clinical cancer specialists worldwide. The journal is now the world-leading clinical oncology periodical publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed research (especially reports from clinical trials), reviews, comments and opinions, weekly news, and Commissions (typically in partnership with societies, governments, NGOs, and academic centers).
Content covers topics that advance clinical practice, challenge the status quo, advocate change in health policy and tackle issues related to global oncology. Much of the journal’s articles are published Online First for enhanced timeliness prior to print publication. Uniquely, all original research is peer-reviewed via a fast-track service, and successful papers are published within 8 weeks of submission. The journal also regularly features podcasts, videos, infographics, and curated web content.