MAScIR’s Microelectronics team aims at developing world class technical & entrepreneurial talents in the broad field of Microelectronics including Software & Hardware, and IC Packaging (design, simulation, assembly process development and qualification).

The Microelectronics program has assembled a world class management team to provide initial traction, and licensed cutting edge technologies which are available for immediate use.

The team is now working on building close collaborative links with world class commercial & academic institutions, initially focusing on market oriented product development & prototyping.


Package Design & Simulation
  • Cadence APD for BGA interposer layout
  • Solid works for lead frame interposer design
  • CST Microwave Studio for Quasi Static TD & Full Wave FD simulation
  • ANSYS for Thermal and TM simulation
  Assembly & Test
  • Qualify for prototyping and small volume new package using the innovative interconnection technologies (SiP, PoP, Flip-chip BGA…)
  • Full  CSP & SMT
  • Qualified  process development with advanced Packaging
  • Reliability and failure analysis
 Embedded Systems
  • Electronic System Architecture, Development & Prototyping
  • FPGA based systems
  • Micro Camera based system
  • Board Design  (Altium designer)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Simulation
  • Thermo Mechanical System Simulatio
  • FPGA Hardware Design
  • Real Time Embedded Software
  • Electronic Test & Integration
CSP Assembly Line
Die Bonder Shibaura              TFC-1000
Average Cycle Time:3.8-4 sec
Accuracy:+/- 10µm and less
Force:1-5 N / 5-196 N
Temperature: RT 250°c
Film and paste
Waffle pack/wafer handling                                           
Die Attach
Differential Pressure
Optek DPL-24 Various thickness and size substrate
Adjustable cycle time
Vacuum Oven ULVAC Eyela NVC-1100   Max Temp 343°c Cure
Wire bonder K&S Maxµm Plus
Maxum Ultra
Advanced height resolution
High performance vision system
+/- 2.5µm accuracy @3sigma
35µm ultra fine pitch process capability
Advanced ultrasonic
Lead frame strip  3.2’’x10.5’’x0.035’’
Gold .6mils up to 2mils
Copper wire up to 1.5mils
Wire Bonding
Wire Pull Inspection
Bond Tester
Royce 550 Universal bond test system
Module 50/500/1kgf
Data Statistics
Sterozoom microscope
Plasma Treatment System March PX-1000 Compressed oxygen
Compressed argon , Nitrogen
Different cleaning program allowed
Cleaning Plasma
Transfer Molding Press
and RF Pre-Heater
Hul-Finmac T/50 Max clamp/transfer tonnage 50/3.55 tons
Max clamp/transfer pressure 2895/1450 psi
Clamp/transfer Press speed:
-Fact close 246/325 in./min
-Pressing 0-40/0-90in/min
-Return 328/422 in/min
Encapsulation - Over Mold
Dispensing System
Camalot 3800 Several size boards and substrates
Large dispense area 14’’x14’’
Max Z travel 2.0’’
Resolution 12.5µ
Dot placement accuracy +/- 0.003’’ @ 3 sigma
Encapsulation - Dispense
Material Curing – Clean Room Convection Ovens
(3 Stacks of 2 Ovens)
Blue M 256 Temp range 100- 700°F Cure
Ball Grid Array Solder Ball Placement System Various NA Ball mask fully customizable Solder Ball Attach
Particle Counter Pacific Scientific Instruments MetOne   Test – Facilities
Multistage Reflow Oven (2) Sikama UP 2000   Solder Ball Attach
Aqueous Cleaning System AAT Mega II   Solder Ball Attach
Reflow Profiler DataPaq Elite 2000   Solder Ball Attach
Laser Marker Trumpf TruMark VMC-4 Mark on epoxy-silicon-metals
Fine marking down to 30µ
Wavelength 532nm
Diode pumped Laser
Automatic Dicing System Disco DFD 641 6-8’’ wafer compatible
Lead Frame Compatible
Cutting range 210mm x/y
Cutting speed 0.1-450 mm/s
Singulation – Saw
UV Film Release / UV Curing System K&S 950 Singulation – Saw
Surfactant Dispenser Keteca MC220 Singulation – Saw
CO2 Injection System Disco eFLOW DD-01E-SL Singulation – Saw
Wafer Frame Mount/Film Frame Tape Applicator Furakawa UCTM-20-8-0FH Singulation – Saw
Pneumatic Punch J&T Tooling A-3160   Singulation - Punch
Freezer Blue M HDTCF1740A14 45 °C Encasulation - Materials Storage
Electrical Open/Short Tester Checksum TR-10 Test each point to each other
Open/short threshold 2H- 50KH
Inspection Microscope (5) Leica S6 Standard Magnification x40 Inspection - Visual
Optical/Digital Precision Measurement System OGP Avant 300
Avant 200HA
0.1µm resolution
+/- 0.2 µm
Inspection - Measurement

Package Design
3D Electromagnetic Simulations
Quasi Static (Single Frequency) and/or Full Wave 3D Electromagnetic Simulation using CST Software
Simulation can address 16 Ports (8 Wires) or 8 Ports (4 Wires)
Thermal Simulations Simulation adresse Leadframe, 2 and 4 Layers BGA Substrate
Simulations include static & 3D Flow Forced Convention Output
BGA Design Mechanical Layout                                   2 Layers
4 Layers
Full Package Design                                  Layout & Simulations
Reliability & Failure Analysis
Precondition / MSL (22 pcs) without SAM
[24h Bake à 192h TH30°C/60%RH à 3 Reflow]                                                               
To determine the ability of the part to withstand the customer's board mounting process after storage
Temperature Humidity (1 batch)
[1000h Bake at 85°C, 85%RH]
To check device life in a high humidity ambient. Detectable failure mechanisms are metal corrosion
Thermal Cycling (1 batch)
[1000 Cycles at -40°C/125°C]
Evaluate resistance of devices to exposure to extreme changes in temperature. Effects include crack die, wire bonding break, mechanical damage to the device cas
Thermal Shock (1 batch)
[1000 Cycles,1Cycle=40minutes at -55°C/150°C]
Evaluate resistance of devices to sudden exposure to extreme changes in temperature. Effects include crack die, wire bonding break, mechanical damage to the device case
Pressure Pot (1 batch)
[168h at 121°C, 100%RH, 1atm]
Check device life in a high humidity ambient in an accelerated way. Detectable failure mechanism is metal corrosion and molding defect
Scanning Acoustic Miscroscope
(1 batch)
Check the delamination between different material resin/die, resin/frame …
3D X-Ray (1 pcs)
2D X-Ray (2 pcs)
2D X-Ray (1h) Assisted
Non destructive Internal inspection of units to detect probable defects using 2 axes X & Y or 3D.
The requestor can attend the inspection
Decapsulation (2 pcs) Chemical decapsulation of units to detect die or wirebonding defect
Local Cross Section Grinding and polishing of units to measure the internal layers (die, resin, frame thickness)
Rework & Others
BGA Rework : Desoldering (1 pcs) BGARework:reDesoldering(1pcs) Desoldering/ Soldering of Electronic Components                                                                                      
DPL Lamination (1 Working Day) Vacuum Lamination à to attach Film to Die or to a Wafer
Oven Baking 24h (with inert atmosphere) Reflow Oven with N2 Controlled Atmosphere
Optical Dimensional Measures
(max 10 dim)
3 Axis Dimentionnal Measurements (Optical Reflection, 1µm Precision)
Shear Test Shear Strength Test for Wires Bonds, Balls, Die attach